15 - 19 JANUARI 2020


Representatives of seven national creche associations founded in 1952 in Barcelona/Spain an international association, and gave it the name UN-FOE-PRAE(Universalis Foederatio Praesepistica).

This world federation comprises national associations which dedicate themselves to the development and culture of the Christmas creche/manger/nativity under the name of “Gloria in excelsis Deo”, and its Christian message of the Nativity.

Today the UFP counts 21 associations and is present not only in Europe but also in Brasil, Argentina, Calombia and the USA and Canada.


From its beginning UFP gave special attention to the development and dissemination of the creche tradition highlighting its religious, ecclesial, artistic, and cultural foundations, while at the same time recognizing and respecting the diversity of various tradtions. UFP commits itself to conserve, support, and revive the creche tradition in its cultural and artistic diversity, and to further its overall development.

Moreover, UFP encourages the creation of new national associations. International congresses, workshops, publications, networking, and other forms of communication will serve its purpose and objectives.

These lofty goals will always remind us that the Son of God was laid in the manger of Bethlehem. As Friends of the Creche we are committed to the message of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Johann Dendorfer, President