15 - 19 JANUARI 2020

Extra Tour Germany (D1 or D2)

Extra Tours on monday January, 20th

TOUR D1: Church cribs Diocese Aachen

The Diocese of Aachen has different regions. In three regions she leads the day trip in Germany. 
In recent decades various parishes have been emphasized by the size and variety in the construction of the crib or by their exceptional nativity fugures.
We will visit these church cribs.


Afterwards we drive to Rurdorf. The crib village Rurdorf will offer us a lot: Church crib, outer crib with life-size wooden figures and over 30 nativity scenes in the windows of the houses.
The small town awaits the visitors very warmly and offers little surprises.

TOUR D2: Musea Trier und Klüsserath

We will make a tour to the episcopal museum and the city of Trier and we will visit the Crib museum and church crib at Klüsserath.