15 - 19 JANUARI 2020

TOUR in the Netherlands

Welcome to the Dutch part of the Euregion

During our tour through the beautiful rolling country of Limburg, you will visit three unique exhibitions.  In the Maastricht Museum, ” Sjoen Limburg”, a former Urusaline Convent, you can admire the typical Dutch Nativities made of plaster of paris.  These Nativities, displayed among models of historical buildings, are managed by the Foundation for the Benefit of the Christmas Heritage in The Netherlands.

For the second exhibit you travel to the village of Simpelveld. In the: “de Schat van Limburg” Museum, our members will show you the Nativities they have designed and made themselves.  They also will surprise you with the exquisite collection of extraordinary liturgical vestments made by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus.

The Sisters are also known for their wax figures. Their founder, Clara Fey, was sanctified by the Roman Catholic Church in Aachen in 2018.

The Netherlands does not have a tradition of building landscapes or dioramas around their Nativities. Sometimes we build stables, but mostly we collect Nativities. For the third exhibition, our members show you the most beautiful and special Nativities in their collections  These will be found in the beautiful library  of the monastery in the village of Wittem.


This tour is under the auspices of the Provincial States of Limburg and the Museums and institutions mentioned.