15 - 19 JANUARI 2020

TOUR in Belgium

Welcome in the Belgian part of the Euregion

On their way through the National Park ”Hohes Venn-Eifel” and the beautiful “Herve-land” you can visit three exhibitions.

Since 1989, the Krippana / Hergersberg, a large and important nativity scene exhibition in Europe, is located directly on the German-Belgian border. Church cribs, important landscape nativity scenes, collections from all over the world, mechanical cribs and an outer crib with live animals give a deep insight into fascinating cultures.

In the abbey “Our Lady of Val Dieu” in Aubel we mainly exhibit homemade cribs. After many of our cribmakers in Austria have built their native “alpine crib” as a requirement, we have gone over to the style of our home. You will see cribs from our association and from the Flemish crib association from Brasschaat near Antwerp. You can also admire dioramas from the Free Evangelical Church / St.Vith. Theme: “Why did Jesus come to this world”.

Cisterian monks built in the valley of the Berwine, a tributary of the Meuse, in 1216 this monastery.

In the St.Remaclus church au Pont in the Amercouer district of Liège, a cultural nativity scene exhibition is organised by our member Michel Vincent. This church was built between 1713 – 1716 in the style of Louis XIII. and Louis XIV.