15 - 19 JANUARI 2020


This website offers public information to visitor. It does not require further personal information. There is a registration form in which a participant in the conference can enter their contact details.

A personal registration only takes place for the administration.
For traceability of administrative activities and problem solving, the system registers all sign-in attempts and activities of users. This data is deleted after the cocongres. We need EVENTIX to manage the registration.

The website is fully encrypted, this is technically maintained. As a result, all data that is sent between the browser and the server is not visible to third parties.

The general access logs stored in the web server (across all activities), which also contain the IP addresses of the visitors (and, if applicable, personally identifiable information) are automatically deleted after 14 days. Furthermore, the data for statistical purposes (which page was visited how often visited in which period) are assessed anonymously.