15 - 19 JANUARI 2020


Situated in the heart of Europe, within the triangle of three countries: Germany / Belgium / The Netherlands, Aachen is the most western large city of Germany.  About 254.000 inhabitants call it home. It has four universities and attracts many young people who give the city its vibrancy.

Aachen is an important historical city.  The Cathedral is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Its 14th century town hall is worth while visiting as are its small intimate walkways.   Its unique architecture lends unusual beauty to the city scene and one can enjoy the beautiful shops, restaurants and coffee houses.

The city is famous for its hot springs, which attracts many international health conscious guests. There are many museums to visit, such as the Treasure Chamber of the Cathedral, the Museum of the Newspaper and the Forum of Ludwig.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the international horse show (CHIO) , which lures prominent international sportsmen and women.

Politically, Aachen is very active and boasts the “Der Karlspreis”  (The prize of Charlemagne) which is given every year to outstanding individuals engaged in civic or political affairs — a recent recipient was Pope  Francis.

In Aachen it is almost impossible not to meet citizens of other countries and other cultures.  One experiences Europe at its most interesting.

More information: www.aachen-tourismus.de